The Program

Junior & Senior Workshops and Activities

The South Suburban Cultural Enrichment Organization mentors our participants through activities and workshops created to instill a sense of leadership through team building exercises and cultural experiences.

Our program is divided into two areas - Junior and Senior. Each focuses on various activities geared toward each group - which some activities for everyone. In order to be a participant, you have to be an enrolled high school student between the ages of 13-18.


Some workshops the students participate in are:

  • Academic workshops
  • College readiness workshops (which help them prepare for life on campus).
  • Etiquette for dining and table conversation

Cotillion & Beautillion Society Ball

The South Suburban Cultural Enrichment Organization annually sponsors a Cotillion & Beautillion Society Ball program to provide activities and opportunities which will assist in developing the skills needed to transition from high school students to young independent adults. 

The Cotillion & Beautillion fundraiser also supports our scholarship program. SSCEO provides scholarships to deserving high school seniors residing in the Chicago South Suburban geographic area pursuing a college education.



  • Encourages participation in workshops for personal enhancement, confidence building, and knowledge acquisition
  • Introduces participants to various art forms by attending cultural events
  • Provides service projects to develop transferable talents and skills to make an impactful contribution to society
  • Provides information to aid in the transition to or in preparation for college
  • Enable the participants to build lasting friendships
  • Introduces our Debutantes and Beaus into society with our Cotillion / Beautillion Society Ball.

Announcement 2020 Emcee

2020 Cotillion & Beautillion Society Ball

Tickets: $65 

April 26, 2020 @ The Serbian Social Center

Our Participants

Junior Program (Freshman - Juniors)

Alvin Ailey Outing with program participants, beaus and escorts.

High School students, freshmen, sophomores and juniors, are eligible to participate in the Junior Program and our formal Cotillion & Beautillion ball - where they will be introduced.

Senior Program (Debutantes & Beaus)


As high school seniors, 12th grade, these young men and women are eligible to participate in the Senior Program. They are formally presented at our annual Cotillion/Beautillion ball.

Scholarship Opportunity


The South Suburban Cultural Enrichment Organization's annual  Cotillion & Beautillion Society Ball is a fundraiser for scholarships for graduating high school seniors.





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