South Suburban Cultural Enrichment Organization


Our members are dedicated and committed African-American women that are educators, nurses and business people whose goal is helping “Today’s Youth become Tomorrow’s Leaders”. The South Suburban Cultural Enrichment Organization members serve as advisers and role models for its participants.


Our objective is not only to help prepare our students for the annual Society Ball, but also to assist students with developing the skills needed to transition from high school students to young independent adults. Our vision is to help them succeed in life.


SSCEO provides the young people we serve with cultural enrichment opportunities such as museum visits and outings to restaurants to experience cultures other than their own. There are also workshops that address etiquette, job readiness, and conflict resolution.


Our participants are involved in team building exercises that teach respect, camaraderie, and problem solving. These programs are on-going throughout the school calendar year and also include the participants learning the art of ballroom dancing.


By utilizing workshops, cultural events and community service projects, our participants will gain self-esteem and the confidence to pursue a higher education.


Each year we present our high school graduating seniors as Senior  debutantes and beaus at our Society Ball Fundraiser Cotillion/Beautillion. We also provide scholarships to college-bound high school seniors dwelling within the South Chicago Suburbs.

SSCEO Board Members

Members of the SSCEO board (2019-20)

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