The Junior Program

Learning & Growing

Our objective is not only to help prepare our students for the Society Ball, but also to assist students with developing the skills needed to transition from high school students to young independent adults. This event is a celebration of that transition. 

The Junior Program

Junior Debutante/Beau program


The Junior Debutante/Beau program is a training program for young adults. This program brings together freshmen, sophomores and juniors who have ambitions, potentialities and plans for achieving advanced goals.

This program is designed to encourage the achievement of those goals by providing these young adults with structural, educational and cultural opportunities that will prepare them for their introduction into society during their senior year of high school.

The intrinsic benefits to this program are:

  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Etiquette and Social Development
  • Networking Skills
  • Lasting Friendships/Camaraderie
  • Exposure to the Fine and Visual Arts
  • Leadership Development

What is a Junior Debutante?
The origin of the words “debut” and “debutante” lie in French History. It was in Paris that “Le bal Grande” was first held. In other countries, young women are presented to their elders and are formally transitioned from adolescence to young adulthood through various rites of passage. In the United States, debutantes are young ladies who are presented to society by local organizations or service groups. 

As in France, the term “debutante” is used in the United States, to characterize a young lady who has certain attributes. A Junior Debutante is in the process of learning to be courteous, tactful, punctual and respectful. She is becoming more active in community affairs and is learning to respect the ideas and opinions of others.

What is a Junior Beau?
A Junior Beau is a young man who moves from one stage of life to another. These young men participate in a rite of passage where they come together and share ideas and learn about life. It all comes together when they are presented to the public and acknowledge their accomplishments. Young women have traditionally had Debutante Balls and young men have had Rites of Passage Ceremonies. In the Jewish religion, young men have a Bar Mitzvah. The Beautillion celebrates a young African-American male’s coming of age.

Junior Debutante/Beau Program
Each Junior Debutante/Beau chosen by a SSCEO member is afforded the honor because she/he is demonstrating attributes described above. The participation of a Junior Debutante/Beau in the Cotillion/Beautillion aids in broadening their contacts with other young people of similar backgrounds, cultural appreciation and aspirations.

The Junior Debutante/Beau program provides preparation and training that will assist freshman, sophomore and junior age young adults in making the transition from one developmental stage of life to the next. In order to be presented into society during the senior year of high school, all Junior Debutante/Beau participants must meet the minimum requirements for senior level participation. 

For more information on the program, please contact us.

Team bonding at Iron Oaks

Team bonding at Iron Oaks